Commonwealth Architects

Chesterfield Museums – CAP Report

Chesterfield County, VA
Services: Historic Preservation

Chesterfield County contracted Commonwealth Architects to perform an Architectural Conservation Assessment Survey Report for the buildings of the Chesterfield Museum. Three of the buildings, Magnolia Grange, Castlewood, and the Old Jail are representative of Chesterfield County’s architectural, social, and economic history and illustrate life in the county over a period of 200 years. A fourth structure, the Museum Building, was constructed as a replica of the County’s original courthouse structure which was lost in 1917.

Commonwealth Architects made several recommendations to the county including the repairing of existing gutters and downspouts, the repointing of missing and deteriorated mortar and new HVAC and sprinkler systems. In addition, the preparation of a historic structure report was recommended for each of the historic buildings as was thorough photo documentation of the buildings and collections for insurance purposes.

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