Commonwealth Architects

Meet Our Team

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Walter Redfearn President
Dominic Venuto Founding Principal / Interior Designer
Lee Shadbolt Principal / Architect
Thomas Heatwole Principal / Architect
Kenneth Pope Principal / Architect
Robert Burns Principal / Architect
Bill Keller Associate Principal / Architect
Mitch Rowland Director of Higher Education
Jane Tidwell Director of Interior Design
Bryan Green Senior Associate / Director of Historic Preservation
Stephen C. Weisensale Senior Associate / Architect
Steve Scott Associate Principal / Architectural Designer
Cathy Saunders Senior Associate / Interior Designer
Patrick Thompson Associate / Architectural Designer
Tyler Carter Associate / Architectural Designer
Ruth DeBoer Associate / Architectural Designer
Brendyn Fisher Associate / Architectural Designer
Hanna Wolpert Marketing Coordinator
Luis Gomez Associate / Architectural Designer
Margaret Bozicevich Architectural Designer
Keiza McDuffie Office Administrator
Morgan Easterly Interior Designer
Samantha Stephenson Architectural Designer
Brendan Westfall Architectural Designer
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