Commonwealth Architects

The Mill District

Fredericksburg, VA
Size: 9.2 acres
Services: Historic Tax CreditsArchitectureHistoric PreservationPlanning

Commonwealth Architects and Dreamland LLC are revitilizing the area known as the gateway to historic Downtown Fredericksburg. Named The Mill District, the space will become transformed into a mixed-use development that promises a much-needed update for the dated commercial corridor. The planned redevelopment will reflect the era when silk, wool, and grain mills flourished in Fredericksburg and borrows inspiration from similar projects in Richmond and Lynchburg that have breathed new life into former industrial sites.

Phase 1 of the Mill District project will be the Germania Mill building, on the site of Princess Anne’s old ice plant and a BP station. The Germania building is made up of 70 apartments and is connected to the Stone Mill building by a bridge, which people would drive under to access parking. The Stone Mill will have commercial space, including offices and retail. The complex is designed it to resemble two buildings, an older brick mill and a newer stone one that are connected by the elevated “skyway.”

Future phases including the new River Loft condominiums, Power Plant, Woolen Mills, Mill Shop, and addition to the Silk Mill Event Center, have been master planned and are currently working through the approval process.

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