Commonwealth Architects

Scotchtown Historic Structure Report

Hanover County, VA
Services: Historic Preservation

Commonwealth Architects compiled a Historic Structure Report (HSR) for Scotchtown, a National Historic Landmark and APVA Preservation Virginia property in Hanover County, VA. Best known as the home of Patrick Henry during the turbulent years leading up the American Revolution, Scotchtown is of a scale and sophistication that could offer a glimpse into the aspirations of its builders and early owners.

Due to a 1717 land grant and the requirement that construction begin within two years of such grants, Scotchtown, built on the edge of the then frontier wilderness, has long been assumed to date from circa 1719. The HSR summarized what is knowable from detailed investigation by qualified team members, as well as from documentary (both primary and secondary) sources about the property, including historical maps, illustrations and photographs.

Commonwealth Architects is also provided an architectural description and a condition assessment of the exterior and interior of Scotchtown’s main house, including an analysis of existing conditions, damage, structural problems, and/or material deterioration. A detailed discussion of the needs for architectural conservation will also be provided. Based on existing conditions, recommendations for necessary work including priorities, phasing, and estimated costs were provided in addition to a list of requirements for future ongoing and cyclical maintenance needs for the property.

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