Commonwealth Architects

Old Dominion Electric Cooperative

Glen Allen, VA
Size: 11,400 sf
Services: Interior Design

Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) has occupied their current headquarters building since the middle of the 1980s and is in the process of updating and expanding their space. Seeking to understand current and future office planning concepts, ODEC commissioned Commonwealth Architects to conduct several visioning sessions to identify issues that are important to its staff in planning the new expansion and goals for the future dynamic. As a result of this exercise, our team is working with ODEC to create a new and modern workplace environment for the electric co-op.

Many of the concerns identified during the focus group meetings are addressed with the new design. A greater variety and quantity of meeting spaces for both formal and informal meetings are provided to encourage collaboration and face-to-face connectivity. ODEC’s culture of private offices maintained, however glass partition is used so that natural light can be accessed by all members of the staff. An open break room allows for a sense of community, as well as a secondary casual meeting space.

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