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November 8, 2016

Modernized VEDP and VTC Offices Welcome New Businesses and Enhance Agency Collaboration

Attracting and expanding businesses and tourism throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia is a top priority for the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) and Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC). When they initially discussed a relocation or update to their offices, forefront in their minds was creating a culture that could align their business divisions and foster a more dynamic approach to coordination and collaboration. Designed by Commonwealth Architects, the offices are located on two-connected floors at One James Center in downtown Richmond. The 50,000 square-foot space offers an open, inviting and collaborative environment in which to conduct and attract varied business brands.

Commonwealth Architects partnered closely with VEDP and VTC to design a free-flowing modern office equipped with current tools and technology that inspires interagency coordination and cooperation. Key to this design was creating 60% more open space. Offices and work stations were efficiently designed to create more huddle and collaborative areas. Clustering hard walled areas made it possible to provide access and benefits of natural lighting to the work stations.

A large, central staircase connects the eighth and ninth floors. Glass fronted offices create a light-filled and visually-open environment, allowing for easier conversations and a more integrated culture. The reception area is a vibrant, welcoming hub for employees and prospective businesses, while at the same time providing an air of distinguished professionalism. Dan Gundersen, Chief Operating Officer at VEDP said, “The trusting relationship Ginny Johnston, Director of Interior Design at Commonwealth Architects, built with us was critical to the new office space meeting our needs and achieving our goals. We are glad to see our vision of blending cultures, encouraging collaboration and creating an open space where business happens come to life.”

Together VEDP and VTC encourage, stimulate and support the development and expansion of Virginia’s economy. They help those seeking
a prime business location and business expansion services as well as maintain and expand domestic and international inbound tourism and motion picture production industries.

Commonwealth Architects prides itself on providing responsive, innovative design and space planning services. Our clients’ visions are always at the center of our solutions. Through collaboration, we are able to create imaginative and functional spaces to promote our clients’ objectives and enhance the culture in which they work.


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