Commonwealth Architects

Virginia Credit Union – Hancock Village

Chesterfield County, VA
Size: 9,880 SF + 1,853 SF drive-through
Services: ArchitectureInterior Design

This two-story branch of Virginia Credit Union (VACU) was constructed in Hancock Village shopping center on Hull Street. The newly constructed branch was designed to accommodate VACU’s new branch services and Virginia CU Realty, VACU’s full-serve real estate company, on the second floor. Exterior and interior branding was kept consistent with the branch’s prototype.

The client’s vision for this structure included modern, updated architectural elements while still mirroring the style of other local branches. The client’s preferred interior finishes and detailed, custom casework were also incorporated into the interior design.

One major challenge was to include independent access and separate mechanical / electrical services on the second floor so that future tenant(s) could utilize the floor space without interfering with the credit union’s bank services downstairs.

The construction of this branch also included three drive-through lanes, allowing VACU to service customers through tellers or ATMs.

The Hancock Village branch is the 18th VACU branch to be constructed, and is located five miles west of one of VACU’s busiest branches, the Genito Branch. The creation of this additional branch was needed to serve the rapidly growing area of Chesterfield County.

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