Commonwealth Architects

Danville Masonic Temple Hotel and Parking Deck

Danville, VA
Size: 81,900 sf
Services: Historic Tax CreditsArchitectureInterior ArchitecturePlanning

Commonwealth Architects provided architectural, interior architectural, landscape architectural, and historic consulting services to C.L. Harrison Consulting for the adaptive reuse of the historic Masonic Temple Building in Danville, Virginia. Built in 1921, the 10-story, above-grade tower stands as Danville’s tallest structure. A comprehensive due diligence analysis and conceptual design was conducted by Commonwealth Architects to determine the feasibility of converting this iconic building into a destination boutique hotel and conference center. The study proposes a mix of 70 hotel rooms and suites with space for conferences, banquets, events, and a restaurant.

In addition, it was determined that the adjacent property located to the south of the Masonic Temple Building could be used to provide both a drop-off area, and additional space for support functions for the proposed hotel. Lastly, a new mixed-use, infill building is proposed across Main Street to provide off-site parking for the hotel, provide public parking spaces for the City of Danville, and create new retail space.

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